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mobil: +9 71 - 50 38 52 177
office: +9 71 - 435 49 606 

P.O. Box 191374 Dubai, U.A.E.



About us

  • Educated staff only
    • Our staffs are only female and male cleaners with a strong background in care taking and cleaning. Educational training of the staff in Dubai according to the companies guidelines of cleaning techniques, customer approach and handling of children.
    • Trainig based on a 5-star hotel housekeeping procedure
    • If you are interested to work with us, please send an email
  • Supervised by German management
    • The training is supervised by the German management, Ms Marie Hoess.
  • Secure environment  
    • Our understanding of cleaning is to provide a secure environment as a basic for healthy living.
  • No remaining worries
    • Our customers appreciate that we take over all the tasks around hygienic and organize the schedule for all necessary treatments without any remaining worries for them.
  • VIP treatments
    • We positioned our company as a company who can satisfy the needs of VIP treatments for high class customers with high demands in quality, reliability and trust.